Data Big Bang: Creativity and Problem Solving for Data Science

About Data Big Bang

Data Big Bang is a spin-off of Nektra Advanced Computing which is dedicated to data science. You can see our blog articles for a quick look of our expertise in action. Integrating and processing information on the web is challenging: the web is huge, has many different formats and APIs. We want to consume this vast information, transform it and augment in our favorite web browsers or e-mail clients.


Extraction and Integration

  • Advanced web scraping (AJAX, JavaScript, avoiding anti-scraping)
  • Web scraping and anti-scraping techniques
  • Web mashups and collecting information via web APIs
  • Retrieving information from Applications


  • Social network analysis
  • Trend analysis
  • Text Mining


  • Browser add-ons: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • E-Mail client add-ons: Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Windows Live Mail, Apple Mail
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